New Class 3 drought assistance dimensions released

15 Aug 2018

On the weekend, the NSW Government announced the new NSW Class 3 Drought Assistance Dimension Exemption Notice which essentially means more hay can be transported per truckload.

From now on, no trip will be wasted with every truckload able to be used to its full capacity, which should reduce the costs for farmers carting feed.

Under the new Drought Notice, capacity for trucks transporting hay has increased to up to 4.6 metres high and up to 2.83 metres wide.

This includes loads on rigid trucks, semi-trailers, low-loaders and B-Doubles up to 26 metres long. Type 1 A-Double Road Trains, Modular B-Triples, B-Triples and AB-Triples are having the requirements for participation in the Intelligent Access Program relaxed.

As well as this, the Drought Notice will:

  • Allow access permits for road trains on a case-by-case basis on the full length of the Newell Highway and roads east of the Newell Highway;
  • Allow access permits for trucks transporting loads of hay in an excess of 4.6 metres high (on a case-by-case basis);
  • Contribute an extra $15 million to local councils for road maintenance to help accommodate the increased freight movements.

The NHVR is also refunding the cost of National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and Roads and Maritime permit fees for drought relief applications to make sure it’s as easy as possible for operators to get where they need to go.

To ensure freight operators can access the permits quickly, the application process has been streamlined and drought applications will be prioritised. Under these changes, farmers who have previously had trouble transporting or accessing hay will be able to get it to the places they need it most.

A dedicated hotline has been set up for farmers and transport operators to access the new Drought Notice information 1800 952 292

For further information about permissible loading limits and the NHVR please contact Dominic Wilcox or Brendan Moylan in our Moree office

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