NSW Governments updated policy on Native Vegetation Prosecutions


The NSW Government has released the following press release in relation to the updated policy on Native Vegetation Compliance. If you have any questions on how this policy may impact you or your property please contact Mr Brendan Moylan in our Mo..

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2GB Ben Fordham interview with Brendan Moylan - 'Draconian laws.. destroying our livelihoods': Farme



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Namoi Valley Irrigators and Compulsory Water Embargo (Section 324 Order)


Background A decent rainfall event occurred on 30 March 2019, resulting in inflows to the Peel, Namoi and Macquarie River catchments that led to flows throughout the Namoi Valley and subsequent availability of unregulated water extraction. ..

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Drink-Driving (PCA) Frequently Asked Questions:


Driving with Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol (PCA) Offences are some of the most common offences that we deal with in the Local Court. Although they’re common, a PCA offence can have wide-reaching impacts, especially for people in rural..

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Farm handed hefty fines following death of 14 year-old boy


A Queensland court has recently handed down significant fines to a Goondiwindi farm totalling $475,000 following findings into the death of a 14 year-old boy on 1 April 2016. It was heard that the teenager, who was working on the farm with hi..

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Continued frustrations over Native Vegetation | The Land



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Teen ‘Sexting’ - the Legal Consequences


‘Sexting’ between young people is very common, but if it comes to the attention of police, it can have devastating legal consequences. The combination of modern technology and the age-old phenomenon of teenage hormones means tha..

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New Class 3 drought assistance dimensions released


On the weekend, the NSW Government announced the new NSW Class 3 Drought Assistance Dimension Exemption Notice which essentially means more hay can be transported per truckload. From now on, no trip will be wasted with every truckload able..

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Webb & Boland's Brendan Moylan calls for NSW Government to amend NSW native vegetation laws



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Crown to sell Western Lands Leases to leaseholders


Currently, most of the land in the Western Division of NSW is Crown land leased to individuals pursuant to Western Lands Leases, however this may change due to the new legislative scheme introduced this year. The Crown Land Management Act 2016 and Cr..

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Webb and Boland and Rhodes Kildea solicitors team up for collaborative practice family law



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Land clearing codes contained in the new Native Vegetation Framework invalid


The Land and Environment Court on Friday 9 March ruled that the Land clearing codes contained in the new Native Vegetation Framework are invalid. It has been revealed that the implementation of the codes by the Berejiklain Government in 2017 did not ..

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Foreign Investment Update


Background As you may be aware, proposed investments by foreign persons in agricultural land will generally require approval by the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) where the cumulative value of a foreign person’s agricultural la..

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Background In an attempt to improve housing affordability, since 2016 the NSW Government has charged a duty and land tax surcharge on foreign purchasers and owners who have a ‘substantial interest’ in residential property. The sur..

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Holidays from Hell


Moore v Scenic Tours Pty Limited (No.2) [2017] NSWSC 733 Have you ever seen those ads for European river cruises, promising a relaxing saunter past scenic hills and castles, surrounded by charming and well-groomed baby boomers? For one ..

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The OEH have now released the details of the staged plans for the publication of the NVR map categories. The categories and release dates are as follows: Stage 1 A, Category 2 Vulnerable Land and Category 2 Sensitive Land mapping will be en..

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Today marks the commencement of the reforms to the land management in NSW and as such the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 has now formally commenced. Disappointingly the Native Vegetation Regulatory (NVR) Mapping has not yet been finalised. ..

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FIRST HOME BUYERS FACT SHEET The NSW Government has announced new measures to improve housing affordability for first home buyers that will take effect from 1 July 2017. Stamp Duty Will be abolished for new and existing homes val..

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Draft Codes for the new native vegetation regime released


The draft Regulations and Codes for the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and the Local Land Services Amendment Act 2016 were released on 10 May 2017. The draft regulations and codes are now open for the public to provide their feedback. The dat..

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Extension of exemption from stamp duty for rural property


On the 11th of April 2017 an amendment was made to the NSW Duties Act which extended the stamp duty exemption on a transfer of the family farm to now include a transfer from a self-managed super fund to an individual family member. Previously the ex..

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The Local Land Services Amendment Bill - the new framework for Native Vegetation in NSW


The Local Land Services Amendment Bill - the new framework for Native Vegetation in NSW. On 2 May 2016 the New South Wales government released the draft government bill titled Local Land Services Amendment bill 2016. The intent of this bill..

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Webb & Boland and HJ Palmer


In July 2014, the long standing Narrabri Practice of HJ Palmer & Co merged with Webb & Boland. Mitchell Carrigan has relocated to Narrabri to run the Narrabri Practice which will be known as Webb & Boland. Mitchell will be supported by ..

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The NSW Government announces a review of the Native Vegetation Act


Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner has announced a review into the Native Vegetation and Threatened Species Conservation Acts. The NSW government has been reviewing the Native Vegetation regulations since November 2011 but had initially indicated that ..

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Queensland clearing laws amended


The QLD LNP government passed amendments to the QLD Vegetation Management Laws on Tuesday evening. The key amendments include allowing farmers to graze starving cattle in five national parks and eight reserves until the end of 2013 and beyond if ..

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Stamp duty abolishment deferred


The NSW Government has recently announced that it will temporarily defer the abolition of stamp duties on certain transactions. The imposition of duty on the following was due to be abolished on 1 July 2013: mortgages the transfer of priva..

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Removal of Restrictive Covenants on Converted Leasehold Land


The NSW Crown Lands Division has recently announced a review of the restrictive covenants placed on previously converted perpetual leasehold land. A land owner can now make an application to have the restrictive covenants removed from the title o..

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Welcome to William Hiscox


William Hiscox has joined Webb and Boland in 2013 following the completion of his Law Degree at the University of New England in his hometown of Armidale. William then went on to complete his Practical Legal Training at the College of Law in earl..

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Congratulations Erin!!!


Congratulations to Erin Mather for being awarded the Tafe Excellence Award - Highest Achieving Student of Certificate III in Business Administration for 2012. It is very well deserved. Well done Erin! ..

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New Road Rules come into effect (NSW)


On 1 November 2012, changes to NSW Road Rules came into effect. This brochure explains the main changes, and is available in multiple languages. The changes can be found on the NSW Roads and Maritime website (http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads..

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Appointment of new Director - Courtney Houlahan


The Directors and staff of W&B are pleased to announce that Courtney Houlahan (pictured) was appointed a Director of the firm on 1 July 2012. Following her studies in Law and Journalism at Queensland’s University of Technology, Cour..

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It's a boy!!!!


It's a boy! Congratulations to Racheal and Lyall who welcomed Knox Alexander Joseph Mulligan to the world on 30 June 2012. Mother and baby are doing wonderfully...

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Native Title Application - "Gomeroi People"


On 20 January 2012 representatives of the Gomeroi people filed an application in the National Native Title Tribunal which seeks to have the Federal Court recognise Native Title over the area shown below in the map. Persons or companies who..

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It's a girl!


Congratulations to Andrew and Libby Carter who welcomed Isabelle Rose to the world on 30 March 2012. From all reports Mum and Isabelle are doing well and Andrew is slowly recovering! Andrew will be back on Mon 16 April...

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Summer clerkship update


The summer clerkship program at Webb & Boland is now completed for another year with this years clerk Tegan Rodgers (pictured) finalising her clerkship mid way through February. Tegan who is a Moree local has now returned to her studies ..

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Webb & Boland Welcome Susie and Mitch to the profession


On 7 October 2011 Susie Walker and Mitchell Carrigan were admitted as solicitors to the Supreme Court of New South Wales. The admission ceremony was the culmination of five years full time university study, six months College of Law study, three ..

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